"Never trust the calm of a wolf or the oath of a whore."
She dances and howls with the wolves among the wildwoods, her feet stained with mud and twigs and leaves - blood red, sunset orange, golden like her hair. They accept her, dirty face, torn dress, laughing like a woman mad. And mad, she is. Mad for the sunsets, mad for the wild air and birdsong, the elder trees she climbs, the blood on her face as she feasts. She hasn't tamed the wolves, they've brought out the inner beast. // 24. Midwest. Female. Witch. // Ask & I'll Ask Back; Follow me & I'll Follow You. // Holly and Hoarfrost // Vampyre Bats

Reblog if you’re ending the year single, but you hope that will change in the new year.

Can someone please tell me why, since there is no way to get books/music/pictures on my kindle fire without sideloading (via micro Usb ) … why wasn’t the usb included??? Or why wasn’t I told to buy a usb at the store? The sales woman bragged on and on about the “amazon cloud” and I believed here…. then after four hours of trying to the cloud to work, I footless and found out that, like, everyone knows you cant actually download ffrom cloud to your kindle fire. What the hell.



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^She’s a gorgeous little winter blog that I absolutely adore right now

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